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Download the current version of the script posting posts in Facebook groups FB_post_to_group_1.X.X_EN.zip


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Create a folder in the c:\Users\User_Name\TwickBot\Projects\  script folder for posting to groups. Folder name can be any.

For example, create a folder named \FB_post_to_group, into which we copy all the files from the downloaded archive FB_post_to_group_1.X.X_RU.zip.



When you first start posting to groups, the user must set up scripts for posting to groups for each account and create lists of messages (posts).

Open the settings.py file in any text editor.  (links to free text editors   https://notepad-plus-plus.org, https://www.rj-texted.se)


In the settings.py file, the configuration data of one script is placed between curly braces {....}.


You can create settings for many accounts.

Script configuration data has the following parameters:

'name': 'Scenario name 1',

Scenario name 1 - an arbitrary name (must be unique) that identifies the current set of settings

'fb_login': 'login',

login -  Facebook login

'fb_password': 'password',

password – Facebook password

'proxy_data': 'noproxy 80 login password',

Proxy server data through which the browser will work:

noproxy - proxy type (possible options: noproxy / socks / http) - Proxy ip address

80 – proxy port

login - login proxy

password  - proxy password

'load_cookies_before_opening_browser': True,

Possible options:

True -  if you have previously saved cookies, they will be loaded into the browser before it is opened

False - Cookies do not load before opening the browser.

'save_cookies_after_closing_browser': True,

Possible options:

True -  saves browser cookies before closing it

False - does not save

'browser_name': 'Firefox_EN',

- the name of the browser in which the script is running,

Possible options:



'load_extensions_to_browser': True,

Possible options:

True -  download browser extensions (from the list below)

False - do not upload



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.',





- list of browser extension file names.

The files themselves must be put in a folder c:\Users\Имя_пользователя\TwickBot\Extentions\

post grup 11

'browser_user_agent': 'user_agent',

-user agent

Record example:

'browser_user_agent': 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:66.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/66.0',

'browser_language': 'language',

- browser language

Record example:  'browser_language': 'en-EN',

'browser_window_size': [],

- browser width and height


'browser_window_size': [800, 600], - 800x600 pixel browser window size

'browser_window_size': [], - the browser will open full screen

'browser_window_position': [],

- browser window position


'browser_window_size': [100, 200], - coordinates (in pixels) of the upper left corner of the browser window

'browser_window_size': [], - the browser will open without offset

'close_browser_at_the_end': False,

Possible options:

True -  the browser will be closed at the end of the script

False - the browser will not be closed at the end of the script






category_01 – the name of the first category of the group list. Eexample:  'group_urls_list_ news':  


-  URL group 1

-  URL group  2







category_02 – name of the second group list category. Example: 'group_urls_list_sale':   


-  URL group 3

-  URL group  4

-  URL group  5

 'folder_for_posts_content_files': 'c:/Twickbot/FB_post_to_group',

-  path to the folder with the content of posts (the folder can be located at any place convenient for you on the computer).

The format of the folder path entry must be either with a right slash.

(Example: 'c:/Twickbot/FB_post_to_group')

either with two left slashes

(Example: 'c:\\Twickbot\\FB_post_to_group')

'delay_between_posts_list': [min, max],

The interval between posting messages in groups. A random value is selected from the specified range [min, max].

min – minimum break time in seconds

max -  maximum break time in seconds

Record example: 'delay_between_posts_list': [10, 15],



Create a file with a list of messages (posts) for posting to groups.

For example, in the c:/Twickbot/FB_post_to_group folder, create a file with the posts_category_01.py message list for the groups category_01.

Important! The file name should be as follows:

 posts_category_01.py - where category_01 - category name of the list from the settings.py file

File format with a list of messages: one line - one message (post).

Messages can be of the following types:

  1. Just text;

Record example:


Templates can be inserted into the message text to make messages unique.

Templates are enclosed in curly brackets "{}", and the elements themselves are separated by the symbol "|" (all without quotes).

The program will compose the text for posting by selecting template elements at random.

Template example:

{Text1 | Text2 | Text3} Text {Text4 | Text5}

When posting will be converted to text:

Text1 Text Text4


Text2 Text Text5


Text3 Text Text4



Record example:

{Hello to all! | Hello! | Shalom!} {Greatly glad | Happy | Insanely happy} to {see | meet} you all again!

When posting will be converted to text:

Hello to all! Happy to meet you all again!


Shalom! Greatly glad to see you all again!


!!! Spaces at the beginning and at the end of template elements are ignored; therefore, spaces between plain text and text generated from a template must be placed outside the templates.

 If you want a text message to be placed on several lines on Facebook, insert <br> in the text of the message in the place of the line breaks.

Text_1<br> Text_2<br>Text_3

  1. Just pictures (the path to the picture is set in the form of relative / absolute path);

If you plan to post images in messages, put the image files in the folder


In this folder you can create subfolders of any depth of nesting and place pictures there. In this case, the name of the subfolder must be included in the image file name.

If the pic1.jpg and pic2.jpg files are in the  ./FB_post_to_group folder, and the pic3.jpg and pic4.jpg files are in the ./FB_post_to_group/Pics folder, the post will look like this:

 files_list = ['pic1.jpg', 'pic2.jpg' Pics/pic3.jpg ',' Pics/pic4.jpg ']

An example of an entry indicating the absolute path of the image:

 files_list = ['d:/000/pic1.jpg', 'd:/000/pic2.jpg ’]

  1. Pictures with text;

files_list = ['d:/000/pic1.jpg', 'd:/000/pic2.jpg', 'd:/000/pic3.jpg'] Text

files_list = ['d:/000/pic4.jpg'] Text

        4. Text containing a URL or an indication of image files.

Always at the beginning of the record is placed a link to the image file, and then a space, the message text itself.

  The syntax for writing text + pictures:

files_list = ['name of image1', 'name of image2'] Text

files_list = ['name of image1', 'name of image2'] Text1 <br> Text2

files_list = ['name of image1', 'name of image2'] {Text1 | Text2 | Text3} Text {Text4 | Text5}

 Syntax write text + URL:

URL text

Text1 URL <br> Text2

 {Text1 | Text2 | Text3} Text {URL_1 | URL_2}

Moreover, if at the beginning of the line you put the # symbol (comment out the entry), then when posting this entry will be ignored.


Example of writing a list of messages:

post 1

IMPORTANT!!! The posts_list.py and accounts.py files must be saved in the 'UTF-8 without signature (BOM)' encoding.


Run the program.

ust 0092

The prepared project (folder) FB_post_to_group is displayed in the Projects panel.

1 post


To start the program, expand the FB_post_to_group file list, check the box next to Start_FB_post_to_group.py and click the Start button.

2 post


In the window that opens, click Run.

3 post

Running streams will be displayed in the right pane.

20-30 seconds after the script starts, the Facebook page will open in the browser.

The script is considered complete when the display of the running stream disappears in the right pane.

In the process of work, it is possible to pause the flows or complete them ahead of schedule. To do this, select the threads with a check mark and click the appropriate button.



In the c:\Users\Username\TwickBot\Logs\   folder, the script creates a log of its work, in which it logs all its actions in real time.


To delete the FB_post_to_group project, tick the FB_post_to_group folder and click the Delete button.

4 post

Attention! All files in the FB_post_to_group folder will be deleted from the c:\Users\Username\TwickBot\Projects\   folder.