IP-Permitter is a client part of a software package that provides IP authorization to access a proxy server.


This program works in the following operating systems: Win 7, Win 8, Win 10

Program installation:
For installation on 64 bit OS use file -, for 32 bit OS -
Run the installer file and follow the installation instructions.
When installation is complete, run the program.

Description of the interface and program settings:

1. Menu:
Minimize to tray - minimizes the program window to the system tray.
Exit - exit the program.

Start at Windows startup - if the item is checked, the program will automatically start after the OS has booted.
Start minimized to tray - if the item is checked, the program will be launched minimized into the tray.

Language - select the language of the interface

Help - visit the developer's website

2. Checkbox "Automatically detect my IP address"

If it is selected, the server part of the complex will automatically determine your current IPv4 and / or IPv6 addresses

After the server is requested, these addresses will be displayed in fields 1 and 2 respectively (see pic.1)


3. Checkbox "Ping every: X sec."
If this checkbox is selected, the program will automatically send requests to the server every X seconds.

4.The field "My IPs:" (item 3 in pic.1)
In this field you can specify a list of IPv4 and / or IPv6 addresses from which the proxy server will accept connections. One line is one IP address.

5. The "Ping URLs:" field (item 4 in pic.1)
In this field, you specify the URLs along which the server parts of the software package are located. One line is one URL.

6. In the "Log of the work" field (item 5 in pic.1), the results of server requests are displayed.

7. In the "My proxies list" (item 6 in pic.1), the IP addresses of the proxy received after the server requests are displayed.

8. Buttons:
 Ping - saves current settings and sends requests to the servers specified in the "Ping URLs:"
 Save parameters - saves current settings
 Undo - cancels changes
 Minimize to tray - minimizes the program to tray
 Exit - exit the program