Twickbot is a software package designed to automate work (usually using regular browsers), based on pre-written scripts.

Using scripts, various action algorithms are implemented:

- parsers,

- posters

- likes,

- cheaters of behavioral factors,

- and much more.

Twickbot can run scripts in multi-threaded mode and maximally emulates human actions.

To work with the program you need to go through several steps.

Step 1: Download the installation file

Sign in with your account or register on the site

Go to the entries below.

 en 101


Download the installation file of the current version of Install_TwickBot_1.X.X_EN.exe

 en 102


Download the current version of the script for posting in Facebook groups


 en 103


Step 2: Install the program

Run the installation file.

In the window that opens, click More info.

en 001


Next, click Run anyway.

en 002


In the window that appears, check I accept the terms of the License Agreement and

click Next.

en 003


Here is the screen to select the folder in which the program will be installed.

The default is C:\Program Files\TwickBot.

If necessary, specify another folder or select it by clicking the Browse button. Click Install to continue.

Attention! We strongly do not recommend changing the installation path, since its change may lead to the inoperability of the program.

en 004


When the installation is complete, click Finish.

en 005


Step 3: Getting started with the program

Before the first launch of the program, you must install the program key, which is issued by the administrator.

To get the key, send a private message to the forum administrator

Copy the key file to a folder c:\Program Files\TwickBot\key\   

en 008


When you first start posting to a group, the user must create a list of accounts and a list of messages (posts).

Extract their downloaded archive two files:

- - file with a list of accounts

- - file with a list of posts for posting.


Open these two files in any text editor.

 In the file, configuration data for one account is placed between curly braces {....}.

You can record data for many accounts.

 en 010


For each account, you must fill the fields (*******):  'name', 'login' , 'password' и 'group_urls_list'.


        'name': '************',     

        'login': '*************',    

        'password': '**********',    

        'group_urls_list': [

            '********/',           <= url groups 1

            '********/',           <= url groups 2

            '********/',           <= url groups 3


        'proxy_list': [],

        'load_cookies_flag': True,

        'save_cookies_flag': True,

        'extentions_list': ['@canvas-shadow.xpi', ],


Example of recording one account:


        'name': 'Pol Nill',

        'login': This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.',

        'password': 'Njle94lrpd3l7yh',

        'group_urls_list': [



        'proxy_list': [],

        'load_cookies_flag': True,

        'save_cookies_flag': True,

        'extentions_list': [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.', ],



Create a list of posts in the file

Messages can be of the following types: just text, individual pictures and pictures with text.

File format: one line - one message.

Message Record Syntax:

  1. Just text;


       If you want a text message to appear on Facebook in a few lines,

      then in the text of the message, insert the <br> symbol in the line breaks.

Text_1 <br> Text_2 <br> Text_3

  1. Just pictures (the path to the picture is given as an absolute path);

files_list = ['d: /000/pic1.jpg', 'd: /000/pic2.jpg' ']

files_list = ['d: /000/pic4.jpg']

  1. Pictures with text;

files_list = ['d: /000/pic1.jpg', 'd: /000/pic2.jpg', 'd: /000/pic3.jpg'] Text

files_list = ['d: /000/pic4.jpg'] Text_1 <br> Text_2


IMPORTANT!!! The and files must be saved in the 'UTF-8 without signature (BOM)' encoding.

Example list of 4 messages



Run the program.

 en 006

In order to start posting to Facebook groups, you need to create a new script folder with the name FB_post_to_group.

Click the Creater folder button on the bottom pane of the window.

en 011

A new window appears in which the name of the new folder is entered.

Important! Folder name must be FB_post_to_group.

 en 013


Check the box next to the folder name FB_post_to_group.

Click the Add scenario button



Select all 4 script files, including the edited files.

en 015


To start the program, check the box next to Start_FB_post_to_group and click the Start button.

en 016


In the window that opens, click Run.

en 017


Running streams will be displayed in the right pane.

en 018


20-30 seconds after the script starts, the facebook page will open in the browser.

The script is considered complete when the display of the running stream disappears in the right pane.

en 020


In the process of work, it is possible to pause the flows or complete them ahead of schedule.

To do this, select the threads with a check mark and click the appropriate button.

en 019


At the moment, upon completion of the posting, the browser remains open.

In folder c:\Users\ username\TwickBot\Logs\   the script creates a log of its work, in which it logs all its actions in real time.