If you have your own sites and you keep them on shared hosting (hosted on the host server), then in due course the understanding will come that shared hosting and even VPS (virtual server located on a physical server) are much inferior in terms of reliability and capabilities Dedicated server (dedicated physical server).
Surely you will want to rent your own server (dedicated) in order to have complete control over the hosting.


The advantages of renting your own server are obvious:

- You can install on it any software that you require.
- All server resources belong to you. There will no longer be situations when misconfigured neighbors hosting scripts or large traffic to their sites cause the entire server and, including your sites, to slow down.
- You can monitor all processes running on the server, and also have access to the entire periphery.


If you want to rent your own server and transfer your sites to it, but do not have sufficient knowledge in the administration of Linux servers, we can:

- Help you choose the best dedicated hosting with all your wishes and budget in mind.
- Install and configure the Linux operating system. At the moment we prefer to work with CentOS 7.
- Perform the initial installation and configuration of Apache, MySQL (MariaDB), PHP.
- Configure the necessary software and utilities. Iptables (firewall), logrotate, NTP, etc.
- Transfer your existing sites to this server and, if necessary, create a place for new ones.
- Create and configure free (or, if you wish, paid) SSL certificates for the operation of your sites over the HTTPS protocol.
- Install and configure the additional software you need to work.
- Teach you the basics of server administration so that in the future you can do the minimal necessary actions to manage the server and keep it up to date.

A properly configured server can run for years without having to interfere with its operation. It is only desirable to regularly update the software version on it.

The cost of installing and configuring a Linux server: from $ 20

On how to configure the Linux server, you can contact us:
 - by Skype (text chat only): live: 4e48e4a4f51365c4