We offer a program of automatic multi-posting to Facebook groups.

The program works in Windows OS (x64) 7, 8, 10.

In the future, if there is demand, it is possible to develop a version of the program for Linux with a graphical interface.

Posting is carried out in groups in which Facebook accounts are made, on behalf of which messages are posted.


Program features:

The program performs posting to Facebook groups in a multithreaded mode. Each stream runs on behalf of a single Facebook account. All threads operate simultaneously and 100% independently of each other.

Posting options in the group:

- only pictures,

- pictures and text message,

-only text message.

For multi-posting Facebook groups, the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome portable browsers are used. Each thread uses its own browser instance with its own settings. Browsers work completely independently of each other.

The program emulates the actions of a person in the browser.

For each browser instance it is possible to set the following settings:

- User Agent

- browser language

- browser window size,

- the position of the browser window,

- plugins,

- proxy,

- loading of previously saved cookies.

By default, Webrtc and Canvas blocking plug-ins are connected in browsers. If necessary, you can connect any plug-ins for each browser stream.

Browsers can work through socks5 and http proxy. Prksi can be, both with authorization on IP, and with authorization on login / password.

Before opening each browser instance, previously saved cookies can be loaded into it. Thus, when logging in to Facebook, there is no need to automatically enter your Facebook account login and password each time.

At the end of each stream, cookies from the browser can be saved to disk for use in subsequent work.

Signing in to your Facebook account can be done in the following ways:
- enter login and password,
- click on avatar,
- Presentation of cookies.

The message text can be placed in several lines.

Message text can be generated randomly from templates. Thus, it is possible to post messages unique in content, but similar in meaning.

The maximum possible number of threads is limited only by the power of the computer. When testing on a computer with an Intel Core i7-8700K processor and 16 Gb RAM, the program worked without problems with 50 simultaneously open instances of the Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Technical support is provided, and, whenever possible, the wishes of the program users are taken into account.



Instructions for installing the Twickbot program: see here

Instructions for installing and configuring a script for posting in Facebook groups: see here

The price of the program at the moment: $ 10 per month.


Regarding the purchase contact:

Skype: live: 4e48e4a4f51365c4

Telegram: @twickbot


Also, we accept orders for the development of software to automate the work in browsers:
- parsers,
- posters
- clickers,
- likes,
- PF cheaters,
- etc. etc.